ACTIVITIES AND LEISURE. WHAT TO DO IN MAS CA LA COIXA. Live a different holiday! Mas Ca la Coixa, is located in the municipality of Tortellà, in Garrotxa area, in Gerona province (Catalonia, near Barcelona). If you don't know Spain at all, Catalonia lies North-East of the country, having the Pyrenees mountains as a natural border with France. Girona's position in Catalunya is also the North-Eastern, having the Mediterranean Sea on the right. The Girona coastal area is known as the Costa Brava, and has a special beauty: crystaline blue waters, sandy little beaches (known as calas), pinetrees growing among rocks and giving shade to the bathers.... The north part of Girona province is very mountainous (but has the lowest altitudes of all the Pyrenees) and full of charm. In the central part there are valleys and plains, and everywhere, the traces of History: medieval villages, Romanesque art, castles... I am accredited guide Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa. If you want my services, ask me. Near the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa. The Garrotxa's Volcanic zone is the best example of volcanic terrain on the iberian Peninsula. It has 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows. Near Costa Brava (1 hour to Empuries, 40 minutes to Dali Museum in Figueres, 1 hour to the Pyrenean valleys, Vall de Nuria). Tortellà is a small village of 700 inhabitants, located in the Alta Garrotxa natural area, the abrupt, wild, sometimes impenetrable holm oaks and box woods which make up the almost unhabited Alta Garrotxa, so different to the more comfortable, softer Lower Garrotxa, with its wide valleys full of small villages such as la Vall d'en Bas and la Vall d'en Bac. Tortellà is 350 metres above sea level. This relatively low altitude and the shelter of the mountains creates a microclimate with soft winters and a wide variety of flora and fauna. A part of the communal territories of Tortellà is included in the EIN ('Espais d'Interes Natural, or Areas of Natural Interest) for its preservation, as are some other territories of different municipalities in the Alta (Higher) Garrotxa. These craggy hills that take you to France, the rock-faces and the impenetrable woods remind you of the old times when these mountain paths were used by merchants, soldiers, smugglers and "trabucaires"(bandits with guns), passing their goods from one place to another without any customs control (as you can imagine, these woods were not very safe for the police in those days...). Network of marked trails http://en.itinerannia.net